Case Studies

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Abrasive Cutting System
EOT successfully proves innovative abrasive cutting and cut verification technology.
Custom Cutting Solution – Slot Cutter
In under two weeks, EOT created a new solution, which allowed the operator to open the jacket legs below the plugs to insert an internal abrasive cutter.
Cold Cutting Vessel Removal
Remove a storage vessel without stopping production or removing existing structure or process piping.
Cold Cutting Expertise
Utilizing various drilling, milling, and wire sawing tools, EOT was able to cut the entire sub-structure into pieces that could be handled by the platform crane for removal. Modular pulleys that allowed.

Brochures & Spec Sheets

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Topside & Subsea Cutting
EOT has developed a new method for internally cutting caissons and jacket legs.
Diamond Wire Saw Solutions
EOT is the industry leader for specialized cutting solutions in the Gulf of Mexico.
EVO Cutter
EVO Cutting System combines World Class Technological Advancement with unrivaled cutting & well experience.
Hot Bolting
EOT’s Torque and Wellhead Services is a dynamic solution for corroded, seized or obstructed studs and bolts.
EVO offers a safe and reliable service to relieve trapped pressure on various lines.
Gate Valve Drilling Unit
A powerful tool used to drill completely through valves when the valves are not able to be actuated as designed.