BOP Testing & Wellhead Services

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EOT Cutting Services is the industry leader for specialized cutting solutions in teh Gulf of Mexico. Most familiar is Diamond Wire Saw cutting, which we can provide expert service from the smallest of projects to the most complex. Our ability to design and fabrication equipment has allowed us to develop valuable experience to meet all of your cutting needs. With 28,000 successful cuts, we are confident that we are your cutting solution. EOT Cutting Services office and fabrication yard is centrally located in Broussard, LA.


  • Recommended for cutting all steel and concrete members for subsea, topside and onshore pipelines
  • Subsea saw operations are remotely controlled topside and monitored via a saw mounted camera
  • Saw modesl 260 through 600 are adaptable for use with a remotely operated vehncile (ROV)
  • An optional hydraulic clamping system is available to replace the mechanical mounting clamp provided with the saw
  • Topside units available that utilize similar diamond ware saw technology


  • Lightweight
  • Robust Design
  • Efficient Cutting Times
  • Highest Quality Diamond Wire Loops Available
  • Experienced Crews and Technicians

EOT is our “go to” company from the standard & planned cutting projects to those special instances in which we know we’ll need a creative solution and professional touch. EOT is ISO 9001:2008 certified, over 5 years incident free and is a proud division of TETRA Technologies, Inc.

Outstanding track Record

EOT has been a market leader in industrial cutting since 2007

Variety of Cutting Tools

if needs cutting, we can do it safety and efficiently

Exceptional Safety Record

EOT has be incident free for more than 5 years

Custom Fabrication

In-house custom design and fab for challenging and unique cutting jobs