Diamond Wire

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EOT Cutting Services has completed more successful projects that anyone in the Gulf of Mexico. Diamond wire saws are known for their dynamic range of applications, and EOT’s expertise in fabrication, design and custom solutions add to the specific benefits derived from using diamond wire saws. Some of the benefits offered by EOT’s diamond wire saw service line include:

•  Cutting capabilities: 4” – 96”
•  Able to cut through multiple casing strings, and concrete
•  Uses continuous loop wire – no crimped connections
•  Manual or hydraulic clamps available
•  Remotely operated
•  Cut at water depths up to 1200′
•  ROV capable
•  Camera mounts for monitoring cuts at surface
•  Vertical or horizontal orientation
•  Very lightweight
•  Diver friendly
•  Special & custom solutions

Diamond Wire Solutions
EOT is the industry leader for specialized cutting solutions in the Gulf of Mexico.