Torque & Bolting Services

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EOT’s Torquing services includes standard and custom tools to complete nipple-up and nipple-down operations on standard API and Series flanges. EOT’s Stud Cutters is a custom tool, included in the toolbox, is designed to cut studs for removal and replacement.  EOT ‘s Torquing experience ranges the entire upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas market both onshore and offshore.  Specifically, EOT has vast experience support well abandonment operations to nipple-down wellheads prior to well abandonment operations to ensure that the total process can proceed with minimum downtime.


  • Pneumatic over hydraulic torque wrenches
  • Standard API sizes
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic handheld tooling
  • Low flow and pressure requirements
  • All equipment ships in a 4’ x 4’ container


  • Torque Tools
  • Wellhead breakout/riser make-up
  • Stud Cutting
  • Hot Bolting (BSEE approved)
  • Hydraulic saw is capable of cutting studs on API flanges 7-1/16” and larger
Torque and Bolting Services
EOT’s Torque and Wellhead Services is a dynamic solution for corroded, seized or obstructed studs and bolts.